Egyptian sexual harassment victim attempts suicide

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Egyptian woman Somaya Obeid, who is known as the "mall girl" in Egypt, broadcast a video of herself after attempting to commit suicide.

Obeid was physically harassed by a man in a mall in Egypt two years ago. He was arrested and later released. In October this year, he carried out a revenge attack on her by scarring her face using a cutter. He was arrested and is expected to face trial on December 19.

In the video posted on her Facebook profile, Obeid appeared in a very bad condition.

“I am dying now. I am not sorry. I can feel my heart beating too hard,” she said, adding that she’s taken from the antipsychotic drug Seroquel which a doctor had prescribed her.

Addressing her mother, she said: “I love you, and I'm sorry because I love you.”

Obeid also said that she could no longer lookat herself in the mirror, “not even on her own mobile screen.”

“I am now saying goodbye,” she added.

Luckily for Obeid, one of her friends found her after watching the video and transferred her to hospital.

Egyptian website Al-Masry Al-Youm contacted Obeid on Friday and she told them that she tried to kill herself by taking an overdose of Seroquel.

Asked what led her to attempt suicide, she said: “I’ve had nightmares ever since that incident.”

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