The Ka-52 HOKUM: UK labeled it ‘most influential’ Russian weapon in Zaporizhzhia

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The UK Ministry of Defense labeled Russia’s Ka-52 HOKUM attack helicopter as the “most influential” Russian weapon being used in the in Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

“As Ukrainian forces continue major offensive operations in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, one of the single most influential Russian weapon systems in the sector is the Ka-52 HOKUM attack helicopter. Russia has highly likely lost around forty Ka-52s since the invasion, but the type has also imposed a heavy cost on Ukraine,” the British ministry said in an intelligence update.

It added: “In recent months, Russia has highly likely augmented the force in the south with at least a small number of brand new, Ka-52M variants: a heavily modified aircraft, informed by lessons from Russia’s experience in Syria.”

“Evidence supporting the M variant’s use in Ukraine includes photos posted on social media of aircrew posing next to the new aircraft and thanking well-wishers for sending them morale items.”

The UK ministry said: “Another key improvement to the Ka-52 fleet is the integration of a new anti-tank missile, the LMUR, which has a range of approximately 15km. Ka-52 crews have been quick to exploit opportunities to launch these weapons beyond the range of Ukrainian air defenses.”

What are the capabilities of the Ka-52 HOKUM attack helicopter?

The Ka-52 Hokum is a formidable attack helicopter developed by Russia, designed for combat operations in various environments. This twin-seat, all-weather aircraft boasts exceptional maneuverability, speed, and firepower.

Equipped with powerful engines and coaxial rotors, the Ka-52 can perform complex aerial maneuvers, making it highly agile in combat situations. Its advanced avionics and sensor systems provide superior target acquisition and tracking capabilities, enhancing its effectiveness in detecting and engaging enemy threats.

Armed with a wide array of weaponry, including guided missiles, rockets, and a 30mm cannon, the Ka-52 can engage both ground and aerial targets with precision.

With its high survivability and ability to operate in adverse conditions, the Ka-52 is a key asset in Russia's modernization efforts for its military aviation fleet, enabling it to conduct a wide range of missions, including anti-tank, reconnaissance, and close air support operations.

What is the LMUR?

Russia's LMUR (Long-Range Multi-Purpose Missile System) is a state-of-the-art anti-tank missile that represents a significant advancement in Russia's military capabilities.

The LMUR is designed to engage armored vehicles, including tanks and other heavily armored targets, at extended ranges, providing a potent and versatile weapon for ground forces. With its advanced guidance and targeting systems, the LMUR offers high precision and accuracy, enabling it to hit targets with great effectiveness.

The missile's multi-purpose capability allows it to engage a wide range of threats, making it adaptable to various combat scenarios. Furthermore, the LMUR's fire-and-forget capability reduces the exposure of its operators to enemy counterfire, enhancing its survivability on the battlefield.

As part of Russia's efforts to modernize its military equipment, the LMUR reinforces the country's ability to confront armored threats and bolster its ground forces' combat capabilities.

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