ART MARINE CEO eyes expansion in Egypt, Jordan

Gregor Stinner also spoke about the importance of the UAE market for the company

Rajia Aboulkheir
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On the occasion of the 23rd edition of the Dubai International Boat Show, Al Arabiya News sat down for an interview with Gregor Stinner, the CEO of ART MARINE, the Middle East’s largest and most recognized regional leisure yachting enterprise.

During the interview, Stinner stressed the importance of the UAE market for the company and said ART MARINE was willing to expand in “mature markets” such as Egypt’s Red Sea and Jordan.

He also talked about the “sub-sea Limousine,” a new product for customers who have a “flair of adrenaline.”

Q: What is ART MARINE bringing to the Dubai International Boat Show this year that makes it stand out?

Art Marine, which was established in 2005, has been growing ever since our decision to go beyond our boundaries and introduce at this year’s Dubai International Boat Show, which is incomparable to any other venue for leisure yachting in the entire region, new services to our buyers.

We have decided to guide customers and provide all the services a yacht buyer can need from A to Z which would include among others their guidance on the type of models to buy, the utility of each product as well as yacht valet services.

In order to provide a 360-degree service to customers, ART MARINE will be focusing on marina management which will serve as a platform to integrate and augment the services.

We would like to be recognized as the most reputable leadership for yachts.

Q: ART MARINE has come a long way since its inception, is there anything along the horizon, any announcements you can reveal?

Despite the political turmoil that affected the region in the past few years, the situation is now back to how it was for leisure marine and we hope to expand even more in some mature markets such as Egypt and Jordan.

We already have now two marinas in the Red Sea, and we hope to have three or four marinas there soon because it is a destination where we see a lot of business evolve.

Separately, we would also like to expand our services in in Ras al Khaima.

Q: How important are the Gulf States and the UAE in particular for your company?

ART MARINE, which is home-based in Dubai, mainly relies on the UAE and more generally the Gulf States markets as they are the biggest buyers in the region.

Over the last 10 years, 40 percent of the mega-yachts were purchased by Gulf-based buyers even though many of the yachts are not utilized here but in the Mediterranean.

Besides, the UAE is extremely Westernized and open-minded and provides infrastructures for our type of services that is unmatched anywhere in the world.

In the next few months, ART MARINE has set very ambitious goals for Dubai given the presence of eligible and qualified buyers.

The enterprise will also focus on expanding in other GCC countries, especially Bahrain, which is the second biggest market for ART MARINE and Qatar, which is a very promising market.

Q: You plan to introduce a “sub-sea limousine,” can tell us more about it?

We are introducing the sub-sea Limousine, which will be a new gadget for our customers that have a different flair of adrenaline.

The submarines, which would be a toy for the big boys, would allow buyers to explore the sea from under the waterline.

The engine would come in different categories with light versions that don’t go very deep which are mainly for leisure and fun while on the other hand other devices that are more professional and that could be used for exploration and under-water maintenance.

To attract buyers, we will need to demonstrate what a submarine does and for what purpose it can be used. However, I do believe that we have a clientele and a market that would be interested in buying a unit or two in the first year of its introduction.

The average price for the device, which will first be introduced in Dubai, will be 1.5 million euros ($1.67 million).

Q: You officially announced your collaboration with Kleindienst Group for “The Heart of Europe” project. Can you tell us more about it?

ART MARINE, which is the best in its field, will be collaborating with the Kleindienst Group to bring its expertise to the Heart of Europe project.

As part of the deal, we will be designing, developing and managing the marinas in “The Heart of Europe,” which is a cluster of six islands on The World project in Dubai that can only be reached by boat.

We feel very privileged to have been selected for this project and are fully committed to make these marinas the most sought after destinations in the region.

ART MARINE is the Middle East's largest and most recognized leisure yachting enterprise.

It was established in 2005 and was awarded the “Dealer of the Year” at the Boat Owner Middle East Awards 2013.

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