Six members of one family die in Saudi car crash

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Six members of a single family died in a car crash on Rayyen-Bisha Road, which has witnessed several traffic accidents over the past three years since it was constructed.

“The road has become a nightmare for motorists and passengers due to increasing number of accidents,” said a resident while speaking to the Saudi Gazette.

The latest accident occurred while the family was traveling to Khamis Mushayt to attend the funeral of a relative who had died in another crash on the same road.

These sad incidents have raised questions about the safety of the Rayyen-Bisha Road. The latest incident took place after the death of 14 in two horrible accidents last week.

Residents have expressed their deep concern over the road, which was constructed three years ago realizing the hopes and aspirations of citizens in the southern Asir region.

The 500-km road has been the stage of several deadly accidents as it is a two-way road and does not have safety means and instructions as well as security and first-aid centers.

The residents urged the Transport Ministry to find a drastic solution for the increasing accidents on the road by making it a one-way road with a divider in the middle. A fence should be constructed on both sides to prevent camels and other animals entering the road.

A resident recalled that a 11-member family perished on this road about a year ago. Social networking sites carried photo of a Saudi expressing his sorrow over the death of seven members of his family after burying them in Areen Graveyard, east of Asir.

Turki Al-Tuaimi, spokesman of the Transport Ministry, emphasized his organization’s plan to expand Riyadh-Rayyen-Bisha Road in phases. “We have already completed expanding part of this road, providing one-way facility,” he told the Saudi Gazette.

“We need financial allocation for the coming phases of the project,” Al-Tuaimi said.